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Dental Plan Types



Dental Managed Care Plans 
Managed Care dental plans are cost containment systems that direct the utilization of health care by a) restricting the type, level and frequency of treatment; b) limiting the access to care; and c) controlling the level of reimbursement for services. Fee-for-Service dental plans are typically freedom-of-choice arrangements under which a dentist is paid for each service rendered according to the fees established by the dentist. 



Preferred Provider Organization 
Preferred Provider Organization (PPO) programs are plans under which patients select a dentist from a network or list of providers who have agreed, by contract, to discount their fees. In PPOs that allow patients to receive treatment from a non-participating dentist, patients will be penalized with higher deductibles and co-payments. PPOs can be fully insured or self-insured. PPOs are usually less expensive than comparable indemnity plans and are regulated under the appropriate insurance statutes in the company's state of domicile and operation. 



Dental Health Maintenance 
Dental Health Maintenance Organization (DHMO) or capitation plans pay contracted dentists a fixed amount (usually on a monthly basis) per enrolled family or individual, regardless of utilization. In return, the dentists agree to provide specific types of treatment to the patient at no charge (for other treatments, a co-payment is required or Dental Fee-for-Service Plans 


Direct Reimbursement 
Direct Reimbursement (DR) is a self-funded dental benefits plan that reimburses patients according to dollars spent on dental care, not type of treatment received. It allows the patient complete freedom to choose any dentist. Instead of paying monthly insurance premiums, even for employees who don't use the dentist, employers pay a percentage of actual treatments received. Moreover, employers are removed from the potential responsibility of influencing treatment decisions due to plan selection or sponsorship. DR is the ADA's preferred method of financing dental treatment


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Vision Benefits







About VSP

VSP offers a national network of 37,000 private practice providers. In addition, VSP offers discounts and savings that include:

• 20% savings on frames over the frame allowance

• $20 additional frame allowance if you select a featured frame brand

• Savings of 20% on additional glasses and sunglasses

• Discounts on laser surgery, including LASIK

To find a VSP provider near you, visit (choose the Choice Network) or call 800.877.7195.

About EyeMed

EyeMed providers include nationally recognized chains such as Pearle Vision, LensCrafters, Target, Sears and JCP Optical as well as independent providers. Choose from over 78,000 vision care providers nationwide. By utilizing an EyeMed provider you will receive additional savings such as:

• 40% off unlimited additional eyeglasses after initial benefit is exhausted

• 20% discount on remaining frame balance (once allowance has been applied) and 15% discount on any balance over the conventional contact lens allowance

• 5% - 15% savings on LASIK or PRK services through the US Laser Network

Find an EyeMed provider near you at and select the Access Network, or call 866.939.3633.

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