Life Insurance

Since 1986, we have offered a personalized approach to life insurance that is focused on asking the right questions and researching all available options to help you make an informed decision. We don’t just give you one or two policy choices. We work with the highest-rated insurance companies in Colorado, seeking out all available discounts and rate options.

Life insurance rates are at their lowest level ever! If your policy is more than a few years old we can undoubtedly save you money. Whether you need to upgrade your old coverage or change beneficiary information we are happy to assist you. 




             Types of Life Coverage                 Features

Whole life Insurance

     Permenant Life coverage      *     Premiums never change      *     policies build cash value

Term life Insurance

     Coverage for a set number of years.    *     Inexpensive     *     Coverage for the Unexpected

Final Expense Insurance

      Casket     *     Cemetary Plot & Headstone     *     Outstanding debts  *     Transportation.    *     Legal Fees.    *      Hospital Bills.     *    

Fixed Annuities

      Lower risk     *     Provide steady stream of income     *      Fixed interest rate

Variable Annuities

      Taxed deferred    *     Pays you a level of income in retirement that is determined by the performance of the investments you choose

Immediate Annuities

      Immediate payment annuities are sold by insurance companies and can provide income to the owner almost immediately after purchase.

Group Benefits Insurance

     Federal income tax deductible premiums.       *     Valuable benefit to employee     *      Lower cost for groups



Life Insurance can be challenging to determine the right type and amount of coverage you need.

Most online providers don’t provide you with the information required to make an educated decision.

At Kennedy Insurance, we believe it’s necessary to compare quotes from a variety of life insurance companies to find the coverage that best answers your life insurance needs.

With the right information, you can feel confident that you’re getting the best possible death benefits at the lowest possible premiums.



Life Insurance Companies:

  • Guardian Life 
  • United of Omaha
  • West Coast Life
  • Lincoln Benefit Life
  • Genworth Life and Annuity Insurance Company
  • Jackson National
  • Transamerica
  • Ohio National Life
  • Empire General
  • American General Life
  • Prudential Financial
  • Banner Life
  • ING ReliaStar Life Insurance Company
  • General Financial Life


With our experience we can find the right product to fit your needs whether it is economical term insurance, universal life or whole life.

There are many A++ rated carriers from which to choose.

Most companies require a simple paramed exam and they will come to your home or office at your convenience.

Use our online quote form or call our office for a no obligation free quote.

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