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Small Group Plan for
Business Owners

Small Group Plans

Reasons to start Group Coverage for your business

  • Some Carriers Allow $0 Contribution from Employer
  • Small Business Tax Benefits
  • Plans Can Be Effective Any Month of the Year
  • Employment looks More Attractive to Potential Employees
  • Larger Networks Available on Group plans
  • Employer Benefits Entice Quality Workers

A Small Group is defined as an employer with up to 100 full-time employee’s.  Must be at least 1 full time W-2 Employee who is not related to the owner.

Compliance and Reporting for Small Groups


Compliance from TASC  

Only groups with 100 participants or more must File 5500

Reasons to Start an Ichrasystem for your business

  • All Carriers can be offered to all group sizes
  • Allows employee’s to choose different Metallic leveled plans or Medicare from any carrier in their home zip code.
  • PreTax dollars to pay for premiums
  • Ichra’s create a special enrollment period
  • Rates for individual plans are lower than group rates
  • All employee’s can be offered benefits.  Part time or seasonal employees included

If you would like a quote for your business, please contact us at 303-660-5458, or

We will need the dates of birth of all your full time employee’s and their dependents if they want them included on the quote.  Address and contact info for your business, type of business, type of insurance wanted and if you currently have coverage then the name of your current carrier.